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I am known as Christie, Chris, or Ming Tor the Mighty and Magnanimous, depending on whom you ask (or which planet I’m on).  I am a very mildly demented 17 year old female, the eldest of nine children and I like to read books and eat apples.

I’ve been homeschooled/unschooled/nonschooled/schoolfree for the majority of my life; my education is now solely my responsibility, and I currently take college courses in General Chemistry and Pre Calculus, read classic works of literature, write essays on a variety of topics, create artwork on a regular basis, work as an independent web design contractor, research Irish mythology, take Aikido (and shall be starting Karate as well), do random odd job volunteer work at a local library, and diligently practice making funny faces in the mirror.

Yes, my writing style may give the impression that I’m a flippant character.  But don’t let this impression deceive you…I take many subjects nearly seriously, and have, upon occasion, written material that wasn’t entirely in jest.  In general, however, I write to entertain myself, rather than to edify others.  applIt is a happy coincidence when my writing accomplishes both ends.  Nevertheless, I eventually hope to eke a living out for myself as a writer; I adore writing, and the only obstacle to this course of action is that I have yet to encounter anyone willing to actually pay for the material I write. In the interim, I earn small quantities of the coin of the realm as a web designer.  If you are morbidly interested in my design skills, you can view examples at: I love web design, and although I don’t wish to work in perpetuity as a web designer, as such a career would not fully make use of my many talents (HAH!), I’m certainly having a great deal of fun in the short term.  The money I earn shall help me to afford…

COLLEGE!  I’ve been accepted to Thomas Aquinas College, and shall, God willing, attend next September.  TAC is an extremely orthodox Catholic college; the curricula is composed not of modern textbooks, but of the Great Books.  The classes are taught by the seminar or discussion method, rather than by lectures; the Great Books are the real teachers.  The student body is nearly 30% homeschooled, further evidence that the college is a paradise for book worms and seekers of wisdom.  As you can probably tell, I’m very enthused about this college, and did a convoluted happy dance when I received the acceptance letter from TAC (to the intense amusement of my younger siblings).

Hmm.  I ought to catalogue my interests, for the benefit of no one in particular;  they are:  entomophagy, entomology, philosophy, nanotechnology, reading, writing, bad science fiction movies, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Black Adder, Celtic harp music, antiquated rock and roll, Catholicism, shocking people, web design, anime, manga, Irish mythology and history, computer geekery, Starcraft, Alpha Centauri, extraterrestrial colonization, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, P.G. Wodehouse, tarantulas, general freakiness, the Aquatic Ape theory, theistic evolution, portrait sketching, Karate, Aikido, esoteric words, Hillaire Belloc, silly catch phrases, humor of all shapes and sizes, cartooning, and all that.

Physical description:  I am five feet short, 100 lbs, and have been described as resembling a hobbit by various parties.  I have long darkish brown hair which reaches to the small of my back, brown eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth.  Often as not, I have a goofy grin plastered on my face, and am apt to start laughing for no apperant reason at random junctures.  I like to think of these traits simply as evidence of a cheerful, carefree demeanour.

Yes, well, you’re probably thoroughly bored of this by now.  Hmmm…I’ll think of something more fearsomely brilliant to say about myself later.  For now, my tag line is “Don’t disturb Christie…she already is.”


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