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First day back to school

An essay by Abigail Stephens

I do not think will be a good year at school. I got Mrs. Cristens again. She teaches my Math class and Science class…And oh, would you believe it? She teaches my Art, English, History, and Government class too! If you believe that, you’ll never believe this… I got her husband for PE again!! Incredible, huh? I was really shocked but I think it will be okay… I hear they’re really nice.I got up early for school and ate a quick breakfast. The bus was late so I ended up having to walk. And on top of that my mother made me take the laundry to the cleaner’s store called the Laundry Room. But I did not mind so much since it was on the way.When I got to school all my old buddies were waiting for me… Spot, Fluffy, Goldie… They were all there! We had all of our classes together so that was really cool.

All my first period classes went well. Since Mrs. Stephens taught them all I didn’t have to change rooms. In fact, I stayed in the same chair the whole morning! But when lunch came around things went unusual. I went to the cafeteria, like normal, expecting to sit with my friends and gossip about Mr. Hoover’s new bag! When I got there I found Mrs. Stephens yelling at my friends saying they need to go to the “Outside”. I guess it is some type of hangout. I would have followed but I didn’t have any money to eat out. Anyway, I ended up eating my lunch alone. I guess Mrs. Stephens felt sorry for me because she brought me a dessert from the Cafeteria with no charge!

After lunch I went to my PE class. It was a total breeze, man! He let me free swim for an hour! I had one more class after that and then it was all finally over.

Overall, school was pretty nice. The holidays are great and the hours aren’t too long. There is also no dress code. They don’t even require shoes! Apparently, this year the principal is more liberal. I have not decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I saw him come to school late in his Bermuda shorts. I was quite frightened. But he left early to go to his “work”, he said. (It is common for principals to have second jobs). The students and faculty seemed to be relieved at this announcement.

I think the most disturbing occurrence of the whole day was when my mother did not care to ask how my day went or even if I had any homework. She obviously is losing interest in my education. I will get her attention later. Spot and I have made plans to go for a walk this weekend! She’ll never expect me to do something so dangerous, I know!

Like the saying goes, “When the going gets tough the tough get going”. If so many millions of teens make the hard day’s grind in school surely I can handle my problems, too. By the way, I later found out that the dessert I was given wasn’t so “free” after all. Mrs. Stephens asked me to stay around afterwards to do some janitorial work! I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure that’s illegal. Next year, I think I’m going to look into this new fad called “home schooling”. Surely it is better than my school!

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