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Meet the Barrete’s again. Did you missed them?

So, the Barettes sent us another email and we will publish the second part of their story. Homeschool and education was never hard for them as they act together like a team.

One thing that is remarkable, and therefore most worthy of mentioning here, is how our children have excelled at the Sciences and Reading. The children find something that they exhibit a natural enthusiasm to learn, such as whales, or astronomy, birds, etc. and they get loads of library books, utilize our computer encyclopedias, watch Discovery TV and The Learning Channel, and they therefore excel in those studies. In fact, my two oldest sons scored at the post high school level in Science and Reading, and one other subject. This was largely the result of their own, self perpetuated work! Now, they are heavily into astronomy and web page construction. Why thwart a good thing? Encourage and assist it! 🙂

AWINA, for those of you who are not familiar with it, stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed. Basically, the children memorize scriptures and earn patches on their uniforms which demonstrate clearly how much of God’s Word they have individually hidden in their hearts. Every weekly attendance consists of a class on a particular Bible theme, examining the child’s progress in memorizing required scriptures, and of course, having fun while playing competitive games! Additionally, those who excel at scripture memorization are asked to participate in Bible Quizzing, which culminates, after weeks of teams practicing together on weekends, in a competition with all area groups! Winners take a gold medal to be proudly worn with the child’s uniform! I am proud to say that two of my sons have gold medals and have been selected several years to be on the Bible Quiz teams. AWINA also rates every child on good sportsmanship! Every year there are multi-state wide competitions called The AWINA Olympics. I am also proud to say that three of my children have thus far been asked to represent our large group.

Sports Gym at ‘the Y’ is great. They will feature a sport for a season; like Basketball in the Fall, etc. T’is a great place for your children to meet other Home Schooled children, even those from outside of your own support group. Home School Skating is fun and a real treat for the children! No special skills (except learning to roller skate) but loads of fun! Christian music is played at our Home School Skating sessions.

You may have noticed that the children are in two choirs. They are gifted singers, particularly my oldest Son. In fact, my children were background singers for Kent Henry on his latest CD entitled ‘Children Worship’. Now, how often does any child get invited to sing at a professional music studio? What a unique, exciting experience! Naturally, they all wanted us to run out and buy a Karaoke, which we did for my oldest Son’s birthday! We’ve all had fun with that investment!!! 🙂

That about sums up our own Home and Home School. I wish we could say that we live up to a set schedule every day; it would sound so good. The truth is, we take each day as it comes. Some are very productive, and some are not, but the minimums get done. Road trips are a must at other times, say, to the Indian Mounds or Mark Twain’s place of birth. One thing is absolutely certain, minute for minute of each day, our children learn much more than I ever did in a public school system, and diversity is the key to success. Find out what your children want to learn, point them in the right directions, and watch them go!!!

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