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Meet the Barrete’s 

We continue to present you homeschooling success stories with a new family, the Barette’s.

Greetings from the Barrete household! 

Residing in the St. Louis, Missouri area, we have Home Schooled our five children since 1988. We currently have four children at home attending our ‘live in’ school. Our ‘socialization’ consists of Home School Sports Gym at the local YMCA; Home School Roller Skating at the local rink; Youth Choir, Vacation Bible School and various plays and recitals at our Baptist Church; the original Home School Choir in St. Charles County, and AWINA. More on some of these wonderful activities to follow! Needless to say, once the official school year begins, the vehicles don’t stop!

First, let’s tell you about the Barrete Dad! I’m a great guy! (I get to say that because I am writing the story…oops, my Wife would say, ‘Let another man’s lips praise you, honey.’!) Born and raised until age 11 in Tenessee, I moved to the shore area of New Jersey; Newark, to be specific. I attended a private Catholic school until age 11, then attended public schools. Hence, I do not desire that my children should ever attend public schools! I know what it’s all about!!! I first attended College at Indiana State University. I finished college at Richard Stockton State College, Pomona, New Jersey with a BS, specializing in Counseling & Social Work, and joined the Navy. I am a Naval Reserve Officer; a Naval Aviator. I flew with the U. S. Navy for almost 9 years of active duty, and then flew in the Naval Air Reserves for another 5 years. I sang with the Naval Aviation Schools Command Choir that sings at the Miss USA Pageant every year. I am currently on Individual Ready Reserves. I am a full time Airline Pilot with Trans World Airlines (TWA). I have also served on Ambulances and Fire Companies as a Volunteer in New Jersey, and also on a Fire Company here in the St. Louis area. We emphasize that community service is important!

Mom was born and raised in New Jersey, attended all Catholic Schools, including the prestigious Mount St. Dominic Academy of Caldwell, New Jersey, and graduated from Seton Hall University with a BS as a Registered Nurse! She worked in an open heart surgery hospital, an emergency room, intensive cares, counseling, etc. She generously has given all that up to raise and nurture the greatest gifts we have to share with this world, our children! Her natural talent at designing clothing accessories has propelled us into the world of e-commerce as New Creations Socks & More.

My Wife and I were both raised Catholic, but we met at a Baptist gathering. We still attend Catholic church but we much more so attend Baptist church. We could write a book on what we like, dislike, believe, don’t believe, etc. from each church group! (No offense intended to anyone.) We simply believe that it is our responsibility to worship God and share Christ as we are so convicted by God’s Word, as He gives us interpretation. We both agree that it is imperative that one accept, on a personal level, Christ as one’s savior, that there is no mediator between God & man except Christ, that initial baptism as Catholics practice it is fine as it claims the child for Christ, but we believe that every believer should be saved and show witness thereunto through personal baptism. We believe in the great commission. We believe in all the Gifts of the Spirit, and have participated in Charismatics. As I said, we could write a book on these topics; we glean the best of two worlds and certainly fellowship with believers, as the Bible so commands we do.

Our Home School is named: New Christian Academy. Our symbol is the Eagle. Why? Glad you asked! The Eagle is not a flocking bird. The Eagle is a lone bird (with its mate) that sores high, with eyes unmatched in the world of birds. Home schooled children don’t ‘flock’, either. Selective socialization is our goal, in that we believe that Parents should exercise great care when selecting young childrens’ playmates, until such time as the children have demonstrated maturity of character in choosing good friends! ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ We utilize, primarily, ABEKA curriculum because we find that our children enjoy it the most. We’ve tried many companies, but ABEKA works best for us. We use lots of outside references in our education, as well as library books.

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